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from 1760 to 1900

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Auction Watch
Pook & Pook

On Wednesday, December 6th, 2023 Pook & Pook will hold its last auction of the year. Included in this varied assemblage is over fifty lots of Historical Blue Staffordshire. One of the finest pieces in the group is a lovely Historical Blue Staffordshire Arms of New Jersey platter in beautiful condition. Bidding is available on Pook & Pook’s online bidding platform, PookLive ( Read more.

TCC Annual Meeting 2023
TCC Annual Business Meeting 2023

This recording is of the Annual Business Meeting portion of the 2023 Virtual Annual Meeting held on October 28, 2023. It includes reports on the various activities of the club and information on plans for the April 2024 in-person Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. Video is only visible with member's login.

Puzzle of the Month
Thanksgiving table set with Spode’s Italian pattern

For November, we have a Thanksgiving table set with Spode’s Italian pattern with a variety of other patterns displayed in the hutch and on the wall.

The pattern originated in 1816 and has been in continuous production ever since that time, making it the most popular pattern ever produced by Spode and the succeeding firms at the Spode factory.

Feature Video
A Trip to Edinburgh: Transfer-Printed Ceramics in the Collection of National Museums Scotland

Title:  A Trip to Edinburgh: Transfer-Printed Ceramics in the Collection of National Museums Scotland

Lecturer:  Claire Blakey, Curator of Modern Decorative Arts, National Museums Scotland

Feature Grant Recipient
Transfer-printed Medical & Toilet Wares 1780-1850

2015 Paul and Gladys Richards Foundation Research Grant Program Recipient. 

Richard Halliday, Market Harborough, UK, Study Title: Transferware Medical and Toilet Wares 1780-1850, Project Completion Date:  December 2017,  Download PDF (members only) or Purchase hard copy

All grant applications must be received by May 4 of the year the request is made. Learn more.

Pattern of the Month
Butterflies and Flowers

This pattern, known as Butterflies and Flowers, was made by the Herculaneum Factory (1796-1840) circa 1828-1830. It is pattern #19805 in the TCC Database of Patterns and Sources.

Wanted Children's Plates

Collecting children's plates with a specific molded and enameled floral design by Enoch Wood and Sons. Damaged is ok. The plates relate to an archaeological assemblage in the San Diego area I have been working on, and broadly date 1792-1840.

Photo of the Month
Transferware at Junagarh Fort, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

At least 107 transferware patterns are appended to interior and exterior walls at four locations within Junagarh Fort. For more images, refer to the 2020 article by Hoexter and Siddall, in TCC Bulletin Vol. XXI, No. 3 the article is available to anyone here.

Dishy News

Judie says, "Gnus are not common animals on transferware. There are lots of sheep and cows, but not too many gnus.  A helpful transferware collector sent me a photo of a knife rest with the gnu on one side and a grys-bok  (also grysbok) on the other side." Read more.


Seeking Images
Backstamps of Peter Morton

Attention: Seeking additional images and examples of ceramics produced by Enoch Wood & Sons with the impressed importer's backstamp of Peter Morton, a Hartford, Connecticut, importer of English earthenware.  Two different types of backstamps are found on ceramics retailed by Morton during his time in Hartford, examples of which are illustrated above.  The first reads, "Peter Morton Hartford," and the second, "Peter Morton Importer of Earthenware Connecticut."  Please contact Dan Sousa at or Neil Ewins at with any information. To see larger image click here.

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