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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of British Willow Ware

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of British Willow Ware
Rogers, Connie

The origin of the Willow Pattern is traced carefully. References to statements by Dr. Geoffrey Godden, Geoffrey Priestman and Robert Copeland add authority to Connie’s account which adds new information on a recently found Chinese export porcelain plate that has a very close resemblance to the Standard Willow Pattern design. The name “willow pattern” has been rather loosely used over the years. Connie distinguishes between the various different designs – Standard Willow, Mandarin, Two Temples I & II, Booth’s Real Old Willow, Canton and several others. There is a Table of Manufacturers which links the type of patterns and colors to each maker.

There is a section listing retailers and importers with special backstamps (marks), and another dealing with wares with unattributed marks. An Index of Potters’ Initials on Marks identifies the company using the initials. The book also includes a Glossary of TermsShape Index and a schedule of different pattern names for Willow patterns used by the manufacturers and/or researchers as well as a comprehensive bibliography.

The major part of the book is the catalog of over 400 manufacturers with marks, photos, reprints of ads from “The Pottery Gazette,” brief histories and type of willow made. This will be of great value not only to collectors of the Willow Pattern, but to all collectors, dealers and students of British ceramics. It is a treasure house of information and an indispensable book of reference.

“Of all the books on the Willow Pattern, Connie Rogers’ Illustrated Encyclopedia of British Willow Ware is destined to be the THE definitive work.” -- Robert Copeland, January, 2004