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India on Transferware: A Compendium of Indian Scenes on Transferware Together with Their Source Prints

India on Transferware
Sack, Michael

Every known scene of India on transferware is included in one book, together with photos (where available) of both the patterns and the source prints from which they were derived. Each pattern and its source prints (sometimes there are as many as five) are shown side by side so that they can easily be compared.

India on TransferwarePublication Update:  India on Transferware (Michael Sack)

The ink was hardly dry on India on Transferware at its publication in October 2009 before additional patterns and better images of some objects started showing up. I have been accumulating this new information ever since and now feel that I have enough stored up to issue this supplement. Since it is appearing in digital format, I will be able to update it as more material shows up. The new information which follows is set out in the same order as the chapters in the book so that readers can easily relate the information in the supplement to the original. I have decided not to sell this supplement but simply to issue it in pdf format for anyone to download, with the caveat that there may be further revisions. The original book is still available on Amazon or through me directly. My email address is Download supplement.