arrangement of items colored and blue transferware

December Feature Articles

Inappropriate Children's PatternsInappropriate Children's Patterns by Judie Siddall

Children haven’t changed in the past two hundred years, but the concept of childhood and what is appropriate for children has changed. Nineteenth century British children’s mugs and plates were created as inexpensive gifts or rewards to teach religion and the alphabet as well as to delight with pictures of animals and children’s activities. However, some of the patterns found on this pottery are frightening! Read this article.


India for Transferware CollectorsIndia for Transferware Collectors by Michael Sack

Author Michael Sack describes the 2020 tour by 13 transferware enthusiasts to India. The group visited a number of sites that were painted by British artists in the 18th and early 19th century and subsequently incorporated as views on transferware. Images of the pottery, source prints, and locations as they appear today are included. Read this article.