Comments About the Transferware Collectors Club

Overwhelming response to TCC paid on-line auctions

"We have had two very successful on-line auctions advertised on the TCC website and emailed newsletter (eNews), which were important items of great rarity. The response was overwhelming. Because we are reaching the base of people who are interested in these items, we decided to place a classified ad for a third item on the website and in the eNews. Again success! We are very pleased. The prices are very reasonable compared to other publications. We plan to continue to advertise with the TCC."
--Richard G. Marden & Daughter (Elaine)

Graduate student and professor dig into TCC site to uncover a valuable research tool:

"My graduate student found your website while researching some ceramic artifacts from historic sites we have excavated here in SW Missouri. So, I subscribed. The website is fantastic!"
—Dr. Elizabeth Sobel, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Missouri State University.

Transferware database helps a member:

"I can't believe how many patterns you have in the database!  I spent a couple of hours this afternoon and found most of the pattern information I've been chasing on the Internet for the last four days!  I'm really pleased with all the information I've gleaned already.  I'll look for the annual meeting registration information in April.  Sounds like it would be a good vacation for my husband and me! Cheers!"
 —(New Member) Susan"

How the message board helped a visitor: 

"I was able to find the web address for the message board by doing a Google search. And WOW! am I impressed.

"Thank you for your help with the identification of our pieces. You just don't know how much it means to me and my team!!!

"The identification of the pieces of that plate had been a mystery to us for the past couple of years. We never thought we'd be able to find out where and what they came from. It was only recently that I decided to write to a few collector sites just to see what would come of it." 
 —Alana, USF Africana Heritage Project

NOTE: This e-mail was sent from someone involved with the USF Africana Heritage Project, a project that deals with the lives of slaves and their descendants. If you visit you can find out more about the Project.  David Hoexter, the TCC Website administrator, helped this group identify some plates.