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Welcome to The Transferware Collectors Club Database of Patterns & Sources Version 3.0!

Version 3.0 is Internet based and can be used on most computer, tablet and mobile phone formats. It includes new searchable features and fully integrates information about the print and ceramic sources that inspired many transferware patterns.

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This database provides members with easy online access to a valuable source of information about transfer-printed patterns and their sources. Patterns can be searched under Patterns, Marks, Makers, Print Sources, Ceramic Sources and Bibliography. Members will be able to access the full database with their login and password, and they will be able to print or download pattern records of interest.

Member Privacy Alert: Because your TCC membership gives you special access to the full database as well as other valuable benefits and the member directory, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your member ID and password. Sharing your login information with others is not allowed. Permitting a non-member to use your login information would give them access to the entire membership roster, including addresses, phone numbers, and emails. Please remember that members agree to be listed in the directory assuming only other members will have access to that information. Protecting the privacy of all members and TCC valuable content is a responsibility of each member.

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