arrangement of items colored and blue transferware

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24 TCC XXV No1 cover
24 TCC XXV No1

Transferware from the Thames by Richard Hemery

Inverted Backstamps Lead to Monumental Discovery by Dr. Jewell Lorenz Dunn

An Unrecorded Series of British Views by Dick Henrywood

Book Review: Historical Guide to Advertising Pot Lids,
Update Including a Guide to Beauty Pots by R.J. Houghton, J. Layden, P. Taylor Reviewed by David Hoexter

An Unexpected Addition to “Places Lived” by Colin and Patricia Knight

Cork, Edge & Malkin’s “Lion” pattern: from Britain via Russia to Iran by Jaap Otte

My “Cousin” Sir Robert Peel by Len Kling

“Backwards” Patterns by Dr. Richard Halliday

Interview with TCC Member: Dr. Richard Halliday

2023 XXIV No. 2 cover
2023 XXIV No. 2

Identification and Attribution of the Greek Myth Series

Blue Transferwares and Places We Have Lived

Two Unpublished American-Themed Patterns by Enoch Wood & Sons

Pink Lustre and the Green Splash

Book Review: Adams, Britain’s Oldest Potting Dynasty by Philip Nanney Williams

Russia and an Invasion

The Polar Bear on Transferware

Mugs for Hard Cider

Badge Ware 

Crowden & Garrod: An Unusual Transferware Advertising Plaque

Review of Transferware Recorders #05 and #06

The Norma Virium – Transferware That Never Was

Interview with TCC Members: Ed Rigoulot and Ted Brockey

2023 XXIV No. 1 cover
2023 XXIV No. 1

The Porcelains of Thomas Wolfe at Stoke upon Trent

Neptune Pattern

Another Welsh Commemorative but not Cambrian Pottery, Swansea

A Commemorative Plate with Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz

Transferware: The Greatest Hits

The Case Of The Domed Bowl Heather

Did Sir John Franklin Eat From These Plates? 
Transferware and Other Ceramics Recovered from the Wreck of H.M.S. Erebus 

Some Bat Printed Landscapes 

Shorthose, The Death of Nelson Collection

A Missed Opportunity

Interview with TCC Member: Jewell Lorenz Dunn

22_TCC_XXIII_No2 cover
2022 XXIII No. 2

Remembering Connie Rogers

Yes – Transfer-printed Tiles are in the Database

Our Love of the Royals and Other Dignitaries on Pottery

Rathbone Earthenware and the “Pekin” Pattern

Utilization Testing of a TCC Logo Mug in a
Standard Household Microwave Oven

Bathed in Color: Aesthetic Wash Sets with Applied Decoration

Pountneys, Bristol: A Case Study of Transfer
 Printed Earthenware in India

Have You Seen These Workers’ Marks on John Meir Pieces?

Treaty of Amiens

Interview with TCC Members: Margaret and Mel Blachford

2022 XXIII No. 1 cover
2022 XXIII No. 1

Thomas the Rhymer Teapot - A Favorite Piece

Following On From Two Previous Articles

An Aesthetic Mystery

“Northampton Mass” by Enoch Wood & Sons: 
A Design Source Discovery

Ralph Wedgwood for the American Market

Swansea Pottery Double-boxed Tea Caddies

Transfer Scenes with Spatterware or Spongeware Edging

Interview with TCC Member: Susan Ferguson

2021 XXII No. 3
2021 XXII No. 3

A “Chinese Temple” and Other Objects

The Origins and Evolution of Aesthetic Transferware, c. 1860-1900

Transferware Around the World: Vietnam

What the Reverse Reveals

One Man’s Quest to Discover His Patterson Pottery Roots

My Forbears (by Marriage) Were Crate Makers

Interview with TCC Members: Judie Siddall and David Hoexter


2021 XXII No. 2 cover
2021 XXII No. 2

Voices of Potters Past

Digging Deeper

William Ridgway Narrow Lace Border

Do you have items for the Database?

Lucking into a “Great Rarity”

2021 TCC Research Grant Recipients

Maker Misidentification: Furnival and the Multiple Foresters

Interview with TCC member: Jeri Golsan

2021 Vol. XXII No. 1 cover
2021 Vol. XXII No. 1

Enoch Wood’s Interchanging Borders And Multi Color Rural Scene

The Mount Pleasant Classical Institution

Chinese Choosing Fabric

Masonic Greek

Stilton Cheese Stands

Transferware at the Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, Ohio

Interview with TCC Member: Jo Anne Jones

2020 Vol. XXI No. 3 cover
2020 Vol. XXI No. 3

Willow Pattern Variation by Possil Pottery Glasgow, Scotland

What is Badge Ware?

Transferware from a British Perspective

English Transfer Printed Earthenware at Junagarh Fort, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

Interview with TCC Member: Tommy Cheatham

cover 2020 Vol. XXI No.2
2020 Vol. XXI No. 2

Announcing a New Online Transferware Experience

The Right or Wrong Fit

An Attribution for the “Fisherman’s Hut” Pattern

The ‘DUKE OF YORK’ in Color 

2020 TCC Research Grant Recipients

Help Needed with Pattern Identification

Bird Over Arched Bridge Pattern

Interview with TCC Members: John and Virginia Goslin

Henshall St. Alban’s Abbey Marked Plate

cover 2020 Vol. XXI No. 1
2020 Vol. XXI No. 1

Transferware Used at Cambridge Colleges

Yet Another Milkmaid: Glasgow Verrieville,This Time

Go Big or Go Home-r

2019 Annual Raffle & Donor Honor Roll

Two Transferware Toby Jugs

Camera Lucida 

Broseley - a very particular question

John Yates Mystery

Interview With TCC Member: Elke Walls

cover 2019 Vol. XX No. 3
2019 Vol. XX No. 3

Bill Kurau – A Remembrance

One view, two artists, eight patterns

Book Review: Chinoiserie: Printed British Ceramics in the Chinese style 1750 – 1900

Inside a Pattern

Odessa...Where in the World

A New Series of British Views

In Touch with the Past

Interview with TCC Member: Rich Crouch

cover 2019 Vol. XX No. 2
2019 Vol. XX No. 2

A Chinese of Rank and a Marked Example

Malayan Longhouse – An Attribution

Blue and White Ceramics: An Enduring Global Obsession

Three Phases of Transferware Repair

Book Review: Historical Guide to Advertising Pot Lids

Book Review: Canadian Advertising Pot Lids

Transferware and locality

The Moore Legacy at Krannert Museum of Art

Interview with TCC member: Ian Harvey

cover 2019 Vol. XX No. 1
2019 Vol. XX No. 1

Spring Message from the TCC President

What is in a Name? Ceramics as an Advertising Medium

Super Bowls

British Transferware in Indonesia 1800-1915

Source Prints and Fortuity

Interview with TCC Member: LEN KLING

cover 2018 Vol. XIX No. 2
2018 Vol. XIX No. 2

Musketeer Pattern Follow-Up

A New John Hall & Sons Discovery

Digging Deeper: A New Look at Transferware

Anatomy of Tiles

Transferware Recorder #4

cover 2018 Vol. XIX No. 1
2018 Vol. XIX No. 1

Japan Dreams of Egypt

British Birds Series

Transferware from a British Perspective: Number Thirty-Four

Another Commemorative


2017 Annual Meeting Raffle Results

cover 2017 Vol. XVIII No. 2
2017 Vol. XVIII No. 2

Database News

Stephen Hawkins Patented Bourdaloue & The Mysterious Mr. Wiss.

Ceramics from the Sailing Packet Aurora

Nineteenth Century Ceramics at Whitten House

Transferware from a British Perspective: Number Thirty-Three

How to Pack Pottery

Chinese Influence On British Ceramics

cover 2017 Vol. XVIII No. 1
2017 Vol. XVIII No. 1

A Serendipity Source Print

TCC’s Database of Patterns and Sources: Hours of Fun!!

“Blue Willow”: Apples or Oranges?

“Game Keeper”: Thoughts and Observations

Shakespeare, Tintern Abbey and the Guillotine: A Swansea Pottery Triology

The “Mander & Weaver” Pill Tile

Transferware from a British Perspective: Number Thirty-One

Vomit Pot

cover 2016 Vol. XVII No. 2
2016 Vol. XVII No. 2

2016 Richards Foundation Research Grant Awards

An Overview of the 2016 TCC Annual Meeting

‘An Australian Bush Scene’

Spode’s Blue Room: History, Repatriation and Restoration

Transferware from a British Perspective: Number Thirty

Transferware at San Francisco International Airport

cover 2016 Vol. XVII, No.1
2016 Vol. XVII No.1

Geoffrey Godden: A Remembrance

Transferware Collectors Club 2016 Annual Meeting

Copper Plate Re-use at Spode

Transferware in New York’s “North Country:” The Alice T. Miner Museum

“Boy with Whip:” Re-Examining a Well-Known Chinoiserie Pattern

The Sailing Packet Josephine Willis

Transferware from a British Perspective: Number Twenty-Nine

“Durham Ox” Ladle 

cover 2015 Vol. XVI No. 4
2015 Vol. XVI No. 4

Parrot Border

Let Us Not Forget

Right on Target: A Transferware Discovery at President Madison’s Home

Which University?

Oriental Birds – Just Another Fantasy...

Transferware from a British Perspective: Number Twenty-Eight

A Simple Primer on Methods of Printing on Ceramics

General Grant in New Hampshire

Nihil sub Sole Novum, or Dennis, Did You Ever Wonder What Happened to Your Jug?

cover 2015 Vol. XVI No. 3
2015 Vol. XVI No. 3

Undocumented Views in Wood’s French Series

Coal Spillings

Two Wedgwood Views of Vesuvius: A Discovery(?) and a Relocation

The ABCs of Alphabet Wares

Transferware from a British Perspective: Number Twenty-Seven

“We’re Dreaming of a Blue Christmas”

My search for British History Source Prints Before and After the Internet

Transferware Collectors in Review: The Sheila French Collection

Beyond Teapots…Transferware Candlesticks

cover 2015 Vol. XVI No. 2
2015 Vol. XVI No. 2

Multi-color printing on ceramics – its earlier than you think

‘New’ Spode Pattern

Transferware Collectors in Review: Trevor and Hazel Kentish

Transferware from a British Perspective: Number Twenty-Six

16 TONS and all that!

Return to Bikaner

cover 2015 Vol. XVI No. 1
2015 Vol. XVI No. 1

2015 Annual Meeting & Special Tour in England

Davenport’s ‘Montreal’ Pattern – A First & Second State?

The Transferware Floor of the Mosque of the Moslem Soldiers of the British Army

Five Varients of “Montmorenci Fall near Quebec”

Why More Adams Ceramics Isn’t

Transferware Collectors in Review: Arleen and Grahame Tanner

Spam, The Internet, Gutta Percha Enamel, and Transferware

Transferware from a British Perspective: Number Twenty-Five

cover 2014, Vol. XV No. 3
2014 Vol. XV No. 3

Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom

Something Borrowed...

The Transferware Recorder Images Wanted

More on the Ship Tavern, Water Lane Advertising Plate

Transferware Collectors in Review: Patricia and Colin Parkes

Who Made the Pan

Transferware from a British Perspective: Number Twenty-Three 

cover 2014 Vol. XV No. 2
2014 Vol. XV No. 2

Transfer-Printed Victorian Tiles

Transferware in Exotic Lands: An Unanticipated Joy of International Travel

The Chief Brigand Series

Transferware from a British Perspective: Number Twenty-Two

Unrecorded “Nuneham Courtenay” View

Beyond Teapots

cover 2014 Vol. XV No. 1
2014 Vol. XV No. 1

Eskimos and Huskies: An Arctic Mug

The Glamorgan Pottery Bicentenary

John Meir Pineapple Border Series Footbath

Exhibition Extra

Fanny Kemble: The Actress becomes an Abolitionist

Beauties of England and Wales Source Print

cover 2013 Vol. XIV No. 3
2013 Vol. XIV No. 3

Friends of Blue

Big Brother in a Family of Cups

Commemorating the B&O Railroad in Baltimore

Slightly More of a Good Thing: Spode’s “Rhine” Pattern

Transferware from a British Perspective

The Mount Pleasant Classical Academy

The 14th Annual TCC Meeting

The Transferware Recorder Number One

cover 2013 Vol. XIV, No. 2
2013 Vol. XIV No. 2

Inappropriate Patterns for Children, A Sequel

Elephant Tracks: Elephants on Transfer-Printed Wares c. 1790-1850

2013 TCC Raffle Fund Raiser 

“Nuneham Courtenay” (“Wild Rose”) Exhibition

Transferware from a British Perspective 

Recent Discovery

cover 2013 Vol. X1V No. 1
2013 Vol. X1V No. 1

Fundraising Raffle to Be Held Again in Boston

Transferware from a British Perspective

Beyond Teapots: A Bank and a Medical Slab

The Ceramic Spoils of War: A Catalog of Captured Goods

Staffordshire Pottery on the Gulf Coast

Annual Meeting, Wakefield, MA

“India Vase” by Hicks, Meight & Johnson

Too Much of a Good Thing