arrangement of items colored and blue transferware

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cover 2004 Vol. VI No. 1
2004. Vol. VI No. 1

Brownfield’s Kangaroo Transfer “Sylvan”

Another Spode Willow Inquiry

Unnamed Italian Scenery

A Black & White Mystery Jug

Letters & More Letters

Color Photographs

Gilead House, Lancashire

Mirror Image (Almost) Saucers

Help Wanted on Three Pieces

Thomas Holloway of Ointment Fame

cover 2004 Vol. VI No. 4
2004 Vol. V No. 4

Engraved Copper Plate Discovered

Color Photographs

Transferware Mysteries

Updates—New Information

Did You Know?

TCC Annual Meeting—Old Sturbridge Village

Transferware Database

Bulletin Observations

Editorial—Your Bulletin Needs You

cover 2004 Vol. V No. 3
2004 Vol. V No. 3

The Psychometry of Tucker China: An Appraisal

An Erie Canal Tankard

Cadiz Puerto Franco 1829 Platter

Willow Book Review by Robert Copeland

Color Photographs

Transferware Challenges

A Medley

UPdate — TCC Annual Meeting October 2004

Contrasting Sizes: Two Items by Gene Fleischer

Two Requests for Help

Arnold Bennett: For Those Who Want to Know More About the Potteries


cover 2003-2004 Vol. V No. 2
2003-2004 Vol. V No. 2

Report: Fourth Annual TCC Meeting Stoke-on-Trent, England

Photos from Annual Meeting

Mystery Solved!

TCC Reports

Color Photos— especially for this issue

Fulton’s Steamboat on the Hudson

Collecting Flakes, Chips & Cracks Plus Marden’s Cup Plate

Additonal Photos from the Meeting

UPdate – NancyBarshter

Unexpected Finds at the TCC Show and Sale 

Ceramics in America 2003

cover 2003 Vol. V No. 1
2003 Vol. V No. 1

Eagle Cup plate

Staying on Top of Things

A Rare Soapdish


Observations & Reindeer

Cromford Revisited

Pots in Color

The Old China Book in 2003

Adams Cup Plates

Damaged Pottery: Henrywood & Kurau Opinions

Fair Lawn, Kent

Presidential News

Membership & Meeting Report

cover 2003 Vol. IV No. 4
2003 Vol. IV No. 4

Preston Hall

Editorial & UPdates

More Pot Lids

Pots in Color

Detective Work


T.C.C. Meetings

New Adams Find

President’s Message

Identify the Pitcher

Board Members and Contact Info.

cover 2003 Vol. IV No. 3
2003 Vol. IV No. 3

Indentify the Cups

An Internet Cautionary Tale

Did You Know UPdates

Fresh Forms for Familiar Patterns

Words, Words, Words

Weeping Willow, a New Clews Discovery

An Upcoming Eastfield Program

New Dick Henrywood Book



Fourth Annual Meeting Notice, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

cover 2002 Vol. IV No. 2
2002 Vol. IV No. 2

Feedback from the membership

Fourth Annual Meeting 

News from your President

RARE Picturesque Views black transfer Teapot from Clews

A Shipwreck and Transferware Discoveries

Mason's Imari pitcher with "grip" handle

Swans pale blue tea cup

Cottage Children "Davenport" sugar & Zoological Gardens sauce tureen

Third Annual Meeting of the TCC

Dark blue "Mystery" wash bowl

Underglaze printed transferware pot lids

Help Wanted! Three unidentified teapots

cover 2002 Vol. IV No. 1
2002 Vol. IV No. 1

Feedback comments from the membership

Select Sketches Series, Isola Bella, previously unrecorded view

Libra Antiques

Indian Scenery Series, Rhinoceros Bowl

"An Illustrated Guide to Minton Printed Pottery, 1796 to 1836" 

Can You Identify this Pattern?

New Discovery, second attribution of "Asiatic Plants"

cover 2002 Vol. III No. 4
2002 Vol. III No. 4

Doctor Syntax, Part X, "Making a Discovery"

Sporting Series (Zoological) by Enoch Wood & Sons, from Peter Bevacqua

Feedback from the Membership

Conservation of Ceramics, a Perspective

Unknown Maker, "A to Z"

cover 2002 Vol. III No. 3
2002 Vol. III No. 3

"Moral Maxims" series, Ralph & James Clews

Third Annual Meeting of the TCC update

"Medlar" pattern Cider Mug with a Frog Inside

Doctor Syntax, Part IX, "Amused with Pat in the Pond"

Zoological series, "Elephant" platter in green

Coffee and Teawares from the Clews Brothers

Sporting Series, "Beaver" wash bowl, Enoch Wood & Sons

Bicolor Transfer, "Oberwessel on the Rhine"

"Netley Abbey" sauce tureen

"Tourist" charger

"Antiquarian" Antler Handle Basket

cover 2002 Vol. III No. 2
2001 Vol. III No. 2

Second Annual Meeting, Monterey, California

Transferware in Earthquake Country

Third Annual Meeting at Winturthur, Delaware

Staffordshire Bottle

Turkish Park/furkish Pavilion follow up by Lucille Gaignault 

Florentine follow up

Doctor Syntax, Part VIII

Mystery Plate

cover 2001 Vol. III No. 1
2001 Vol. III No. 1


Dog Dishes

Pilgrims Flask

San Francisco Bay?

Clews Polychromed Chinoiserie

Doctor Syntax, Part VII

Powers & James Collections

Picturesque Views Series, Part III

Additional pieces from the Picturesque Views Series

cover 2001 Vol. II No. 4
2001 Vol. II No. 4

Blue & White Transfer Printed Tiles

Eagle (Riding on a Shell) & Boston Harbor, Eagle and Shield

Research Tale #1

Three more New Discoveries!

Picturesque Views Seres, Part II, Ralph & James Clews

Upcoming 2nd Annual Meeting

Transferware in Britain Blue Breakfast Heaven in Wales

Borstand vs. Rorstrand

cover 2001 Vol. II No. 3
2001 Vol. II No. 3

Dedicated to the Memory of David R. Arman

The Hog Hunter at Bay

View of Lake George

Doctor Syntax, Part VI

Words Words Words

Picturesque Views Series, Ralph & James Clews

cover 2000 Vol. II No. 2
2000 Vol. II No. 2

Club News TCC Second Annual Meeting

Brown Transferware


Wild Sports of the East - A New Indian Sporting Series

A Visit to a Members Home During the First Annal Meeting

Zoological Gardens - By Ralph & James Clews

Making Books

New Discoveries

Doctor Syntax Part V

cover 2000 Vol. II No. 1
2000 Vol. II No. 1

Club News

More About Dimmock's American Views

Great Fire, City of New York, Dec 16, 1835

Some Transferware Oddities

With or Without?

Doctor Syntax Part II "Doctor Syntax Stopt by Highwaymen"

Book Review: Doctor Syntax Part II "Doctor Syntax Stopt by Highwaymen"

Archaeology and the Collecting Community, Insight from Russian-America

cover 1999 Vol. I Winter
1999 Vol. I Winter

Club News

New Hampshire on Historical Staffordshire

On the Road

A Smoker's Set

Tam, Anderson & Tams: An Importer Masquerading as Potter?

Book Review: Nineteenth-Century Transfer-Printed Ceramics At Velasco

Doctor Syntax

New York from Weehawk

The Arabia & Transferware

New Discoveries

cover 1999 Vol. I Fall
1999 Vol. I Fall

News & Letters Received

Grapevine Border Series Update

The Cities Series and The Don Quixote Series by Davenport

New Discoveries