"Robert Copeland on Spode"

DVD CoverThe complete interview with "Robert Copeland on Spode" is available on YouTube.


1: The Spode-Copeland Early Partnership
2: Spode and the Development of Transfer-Printed Waves
3: Early Spode Designs & Marketing Strategy
4: Developing a Fine China Body: Spode's Bone China
5: Early Automation: Spode's Adoption of the Steam Engine
6: Copeland on the Preservation of Industry Landmarks
7: Spode's Most Popular Patterns
8: Robert Copeland at Spode: Firing a Bottle Oven
9: Preserving the Spode Factory Site

CD is no longer available.

Robert Copeland's Insights Captured on DVD

With the passing of Robert Copeland in September of 2010, the Transferware Collectors Club's production of the DVD Robert Copeland on Spode, completed just two years earlier in September of 2008, becomes a particularly important way to retain Robert's insightful comments on the Pottery Industry and the key roll Spode played in the development of underglaze printed wares and England's own version of fine porcelain: bone china.  Interviewed by ceramics scholar Deborah Skinner and captured on DVD at Chester University, England,  Robert discusses a variety of key topics related to the Spode family of potters, their products, and the times in which they prospered. 

In October of 2009, at the 10th annual meeting in Bristol, England, Robert Copeland, a long-standing contributor to the TCC, was recognized for his outstanding contribution to the field of ceramics by bestowing on him the club's first and only Life-Time Honorary Membership. Over the years, TCC members have benefited greatly from Robert's highly esteemed research, publications, and his numerous speaking engagements. In 2003, Robert sponsored a very special day at the Spode factory and museum and honored members with a personally guided tour of the company's special private collection. He was a guest speaker at our meetings and continually served as an advisor and mentor to the club's collectors and to the Pattern and Source Print Database editors.

Robert Copeland on Spode can be ordered right here online.  Just follow the directions at the right of this page.