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TRANSFERWARE WORLDWIDE LECTURE SERIES -Unraveling the Mysteries of Selling One’s Collection at Auction: Two Perspectives

Nick Routson's Phoenix home

Thursday 12PM EDT (Note earlier time)

Title: Unraveling the Mysteries of Selling One’s Collection at Auction: Two Perspectives

Speakers:  Collector Nick Routson and Ceramic Specialist Heather Cline in a discussion/presentation moderated by Leslie Bouterie

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Nick RoutsonHeather ClineDescription: In this program, guest presenters TCC Member and Transferware Collector Extraordinaire Nick Routson and TCC Secretary, Ceramic Specialist, and Auction House Professional Heather Cline will share the “ins and outs” of the auction process from two points of view: that of the collector-seller and that of the auction house sales team. In 2021, Nick Routson embarked on a monumental downsizing of his stellar and extensive collection of American Historical transferware along with much of his lovingly assembled collection of antique furniture, textiles, ceramics, and glass from his home in Phoenix, Arizona. He selected the prestigious auction house of Jeffrey S. Evans and Associates of Mt. Crawford, Virginia, to handle the multi-session sale. Nick worked closely with their Head of Ceramics Heather Cline on all aspects of the process. In a lively discussion, moderated by Leslie Lambour Bouterie, Nick will share his personal experiences of preparing and placing his treasures in the capable hands of the auction house professionals over 2,000 miles away, and Heather will explain the process of expertly accessioning, promoting, and selling his beautiful antiques. With their insights shared and Q & A opportunities offered, the “mysteries” of the auction process will be revealed.