arrangement of items colored and blue transferware

The EyeDeal Hare Restorer

Shown on a 1.7 inches high pot, from an unknown maker. The pattern is a rebus: a combination of words and pictures. Click on the heading of this entry to view the additional images on the pot. The advertisement is for a hair restorer. The pattern uses the words, The, Deal, and Restorer. The pictures that replace the words, I and Hair, are an eye and a hare. The pattern is clever and attractive, which is what you would want for an advertisment that holds your product. The pot or container probably had a paper lid or a paper band that included the name of the maker or retailer plus other information about the product. For TCC members, this is pattern #17852 in the Database of Patterns and Sources. To see other patterns that advertise hair products, search Advertising/Hair Products/Pomades in the database.

The EyeDeal Hare RestorerThe EyeDeal Hare RestorerThe EyeDeal Hare RestorerThe EyeDeal Hare Restorer