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#1 - Yellow Transfer Printed Brown Ware

Rogers, Connie

Yellow Transfer Printed BrownwareYellow Transfer Printed Brown Ware – referred to here as YPB – is a type of transferware that has only recently been added to the TCC Database. Some collectors of transferware may not be aware of this type of transfer decoration as it is not commonly found. Over the years, I have noted a number of patterns that appeared to be Chinoiserie, or pseudo-Chinese scenes with figures, pagodas, junks, and various floral designs printed in yellow on brown jugs, bowls and plates. However, these pieces were not marked, and the patterns seemed to be generic patterns not exactly matching known blue printed transferware patterns. Collectors of willow and other Chinoiserie patterns seem to be the people most drawn to the wares. Figures 1 and 2 are two sides of a jug with such a pattern. I hadn't seen any example of that pattern printed in under glaze blue.

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