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#24 - Spring! Time to Get Organized

Ferguson, Susan

DBD 24Here’s my new database for my Brown and White transferware collection. I’m finally getting organized. I created it because my word processing program just provided me with loose sheets of paper that I would need to (four letter word) file. An Excel spreadsheet, while sortable, isn’t flexible enough. What I needed was something searchable (like Google), so I could find any dish instantly. Or find all the pieces that were made by a particular maker. Or find all the pieces that have the same border. And then, of course, I want to sort them by pattern name and version number. And I want to print out that group as a list. And export the list, complete with pictures and source prints, to a pdf file; so I can share them with someone else in the Transferware Collectors Club.

dbd24ferguson.pdf443.89 KB