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About the American Friends of the Spode Museum

Halliday, Richard and Zeller, Loren

The American Friends of the Spode Museum (AFOSM) was established in 2015 under the leadership of TCC Vice President Michael Sack to strengthen the Spode Museum’s international presence. It affords donors subject to U.S. Income Tax the opportunity to support the Spode Museum Trust with their charitable deductions by making their donations to AFOSM. The American Trust will make donations directly to the Spode Museum Trust on the donor's behalf.

The main objective of the Spode Museum Trust is to re-establish the entire dispersed Collection and Archive in appropriate and secure areas on the original Spode factory site thus allowing full access to the Collection for comprehensive research and educational purposes by the community. The entire collection is owned by the Spode Museum Trust, a registered charity, and it is protected in perpetuity.

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