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Scottish East Coast Transfer Printed Wares

Haggarty, George R.

Updated December 2021.

mapThere were many potteries situated along the Firth of Forth littoral, however only a few used white firing clays, see location map. In this paper I will use both extant examples and shards recovered archaeologically to highlight what evidence we have, for production of transfer printed wares, by the potteries situated between Portobello and Prestonpans. I have omitted the potteries of Bo’ness and Kirkcaldy, as their wares have been researched and illustrations of Bo’ness transfers can be accessioned online at The histories of the Kirkcaldy potteries have also been published with some images and transfer pattern lists (Bell 2006, 147-150). Other illustrated examples can be found in (Kelly 1999).

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