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Swansea's Cambrian Pottery Public & Private Commemorative Printed Wares

Tanner, Arleen and Grahame


Swansea Cambrian PotteryVery little has been written about the commemorative ware of the Cambrian Pottery, Swansea; the most informative lecture and subsequent paper was by P.D.Pryce in 1972. His remit, however, was much larger as he covered the commemorative ware of the Cambrian Pottery, the Glamorgan Pottery, Swansea and the South Wales Pottery at Llanelly. In general terms it seems that public commemorative pieces produced by the Cambrian Pottery tended to be early in date whilst the private commemorative pieces are of a later date. Of course there are exceptions to this. Public commemorative pieces are of major political, social, and royal events whereas private commemorative pieces take into the private lives of ordinary members of society, who they were, and what they did. 

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