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Transferware Related Websites & Blogs

transfer related websites and blogs

American Ceramics Circle (Facebook page)

Antiques and the Arts Weekly (Facebook page)

British Pottery and Porcelain (Facebook page)

Caldon & Uttoxeter Canals Trust

Clay College Stoke

Dick Henrywood (Facebook page)

Dudson Museum, stoke on Trent (Facebook page)

Ceramics in America (Facebook page)

Ceramics Network

Chipstone Foundation

Dishy News - A Transferware Blog

English Pottery:  Pottery Marks and Famous Potters

Fragment Found

Friends of the Spode Museum

Furnivals Pottery Group (Facebook page)

The Gladstone Pottery Museum Story

Great Canadian Historical Platters

Historic Eastfield

I’m Loving Stoke-on-Trent Pottery (Facebook page)

Maine Antique Digest (Facebook page)

Minton Archives

Nancy's Daily Dish

National Park Service Archeology Program

Old Sturbridge Village

Pam & Terry Woolliscroft

Patriotic America Exhibition Online (American Historical Staffordshire)

Peter Olson Photo Ceramica (website)

Potbank Dictionary 

Pots, Tools and Techniques of Early Potters (Facebook page)

The Potteries Bottle Oven

Potteries of Stoke On Trent (Facebook page)

Potteries Museum and Art Gallery (Facebook page)

Printed British Pottery & Porcelain

Society of Historical Archaeology

Spode Exhibition Online

Spode History

Spode Museum Trust

Stoke-on-Trent Archives Research Service

Stoke-on-Trent Museums


Sunderland Plaques:  Mate Sound the Pump

The Transferware Recorder

Victorian Ointment Pots

What the Victorians Threw Away

Winterthur Museum & Country Estate